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TT Bat - Butterfly Zhang Zike RDJ S1 QE

TT Bat - Butterfly Zhang Zike RDJ S1 QE
TT Bat - Butterfly Zhang Zike RDJ S1 QE
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The RDJ S1 is a professional quality ping pong paddle that is made with 5-ply wood and Spryer rubber giving you the edge with good spin, speed, and control. Butterfly table tennis rackets are the most preferred rackets by professionals around the world. This Butterfly table tennis paddle offers a superior inverted Spryer 1.7 mm rubber, that offers a good balance of speed and spin with emphasis on control to help you beat your opponent. The rubbers are red and black making it ITTF approved for tournaments. The handle has a flared design, which is narrower at top and wider at bottom. It offers superior grip. The shakehand style racket with the red, black, and blue color flared handle makes it a stylish and ergonomic table tennis paddle. The flared handle design has been the preferred choice of players around the world. The RDJ S1 ping pong racket is for all level players, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional. The RDJ S1 is endorsed by Chinese sensation, Zhang Jike. He is the 2011 & 2013 World Champion, 2012 Gold Medalist at the Summer Games in London and the 2014 Men’s World Cup Champion. Ratings are Speed 64 – Spin 66.5 – Control – 81.

Game Room Table Type: Table Tennis
Table Tennis Category: Paddles
Play Surface Color: Red, Black
Material: Wood
Assembly: Assembled
Exact Color: Multi-color
Color: Red, Black

Dimensions 11 in L x 6.5 in W x 1 in H

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