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Pre School - Sports

Pre School - Sports
Ball - 12pcsBall carry Net - 1pcHand Pump - 1pcsBalls are deflated. Needs to be pump for use...
Ex Tax:RM150.00
Features:Tough polymer constructionDesigned for speed, distance & accuracyTournament standard flying discWeight – 160gDiameter – 10.5″*Available Colours*RedBluePurpleOrange..
Ex Tax:RM16.50
Features:Tough polymer constructionDesigned for speed, distance & accuracyTournament standard flying discWeight – 175gDiameter – 10.5″*Available Colours*RedBluePurpleOrange..
Ex Tax:RM17.50
Air HornCommonly used in noisy areas such as stadium, train station, construction site etc.Set A: Air Horn Set - 450ml CQSet B:  Air Horn Set - New Top 550ml CQSet C: Air Horn Refill - New Top 550ml (No Horn) CQ..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Archery Set - PJ0184 MZ1 x target stand1 x bow1 x arrow bag 3 x arrows..
Ex Tax:RM230.00
Balance Sensory Hoop - PG0022Suitable for adult and children.Rectangular tactile paths that can be arranged into different routes. The unique protruding dots on the paths stimulates user foot soles and enhance their balance and coordination.,..
Ex Tax:RM846.00
Each set comes with 4 assorted color barbell 1 Cross BarSz L130 x W81.5 cm Pole Lenght: 167.5 cm..
Ex Tax:RM196.00
Baseball Bat 8pcs - PJ0186 MZ* Baseball Bat made of Rubber Foam.* Reduces chance of injury..
Ex Tax:RM260.00
WEIGHT 7.50 kgDIMENSIONS 49 x 44 x 237 cmPrice is for 1 pc post +ball +Ring +net.Great for ages 3~7..
Ex Tax:RM550.00
Blowpipe & Dartboard Set 4units - PJ0202 MZ..
Ex Tax:RM120.00
Comes with 1 Giant Blowup Dice and 1 Plastic Snake Boardgame..
Ex Tax:RM380.00
Body Fat CaliperHow to use:
Ex Tax:RM69.00
Body Fat Caliper How to use: _x000D_ Contains 10 pcs...
Ex Tax:RM115.00
Body Fat Caliper This product comes with it's own manual.How to use:
Ex Tax:RM195.00
Body Fat CaliperThis product comes with it's own manual. How to use: Slim Guide Body Fat CaliperStandard test for direct measure of Body Fat Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiats Quick body fat testQuality measure for body fat -..
Ex Tax:RM99.00
Bouncy /Playground Balls - PJ0206 15cm (8balls) MZDiameter 15 cm = 5.9 inchesSet of 8 balls in 4 different colors...
Ex Tax:RM260.00
Carrom Board Children - PJ0239 MQComes with Carrom Seed (1 set) + Striker..
Ex Tax:RM99.00
Suitable for junior 11 years old and belowPlug to the wallWEIGHT 0.72 kg_IMENSIONS 11 x 7.5 cm..
Ex Tax:RM130.00
Coits - Rubber Ring BumperUsed as ring in the game of Quoits.Material RubberPrice per pieceDiameter : 6 inch..
Ex Tax:RM21.00
Rubber Ring / Quoits - (165mm)Our PE Rubber Quoits are made from rubber foam, and only non-toxic inks are used to ensure the safety of all those using them. Rubber Rings are a fun, traditional product that develops a range of skills including throwing, catching and balancing.*Made in Taiwan*Measures..
Ex Tax:RM22.00
Colourful Diabolo 10 units - PJ0195 MZ..
Ex Tax:RM180.00
Coaching SkittlesExcellent for training drills, coaching fitness, speed and agility Opportunity to create infinite training patternsMade from robust plastic Bright colors for high visibilityFeaturing holes / perforated for rod insertion..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
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