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Petzl - Lanyard + Sling

Petzl - Lanyard + Sling
DescriptionForged steel D-rings on the endsAvailable in three lengths: 100, 150 and 200 cmSpecificationsBreaking strength: 22 kNCertification(s): CE EN 795 B, NFPA 1983 General Use..
Ex Tax:RM238.00
ASAP’SORBER European versionEnergy absorber for ASAP European version or ASAP LOCKThe ASAP’SORBER energy absorber connects to the ASAP (European version) or ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester to allow the user to work at a distance from the rope, in order to protect it during certain work phases. Equipp..
Ex Tax:RM246.00
LOOPINGFour-step etrierCan be clipped on the ASCENSION handle for rope ascents or directly onto the anchor for progression in overhangs or roofsUnderfoot strap is abrasion-resistant and is slightly rigid to make it easier to step into.SpecificationsReference: C25Weight: 145 gMade in: FR..
Ex Tax:RM281.00
FOOTAPEAdjustable webbing foot loopThe adjustable FOOTAPE foot loop is used with an ASCENSION or BASIC rope clamp for rope ascents. A height adjustable elastic keeps the foot in the loop, regardless of shoe type.DescriptionAttaches to an ASCENSION or BASIC rope clamp for rope ascentsUnderfoot strap ..
Ex Tax:RM114.00
GRILLONAdjustable lanyard for work positioningThe GRILLON adjustable lanyard is used to make work positioning systems, to complement a fall-arrest system. Its length can be very easily and precisely adjusted as necessary for comfortable positioning at the work station. Depending on the configuration..
Ex Tax:RM1,034.00
SCORPIO EASHOOKRetractable via ferrata lanyard with progressive tearing energy absorber and EASHOOK carabinersThe SCORPIO EASHOOK lanyard for via ferrata is equipped with two EASHOOK carabiners with wide opening. It has two arms that are retractable to avoid interfering with movement, and a progress..
Ex Tax:RM796.00
SCORPIORetractable via ferrata lanyard with progressive tearing energy absorberThe SCORPIO lanyard is designed for via ferrata. It has two arms that are retractable to avoid interfering with movement, and a progressive tearing energy absorber located in a zippered protective pouch, enabling the cond..
Ex Tax:RM422.00
SCORPIO VERTIGORetractable via ferrata lanyard with progressive tearing energy absorber and VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabinersThe SCORPIO VERTIGO lanyard for via ferrata is equipped with two VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiners. It has two arms that are retractable to avoid interfering with movement, and a progre..
Ex Tax:RM621.00
Asymmetric double lanyardLanyard designed to help pass rebelays when caving or canyoning.DescriptionTwo different arm lengths (32 and 58 cm) to facilitate rope maneuversEquipped with STRINGs to hold the carabiners in position and to protect the ends from abrasion.Abrasion resistant webbingSpecificat..
Ex Tax:RM153.00
Petzl Joko Y Y-shaped twin Lanyard for connecting pulleys to the harness in adventure parks for zip lines. Designed to larks foot into the harness, with specially reinforced plastic sheathing to avoid abrasion.3 year guaranteeCE certified..
Ex Tax:RM254.00
BEAL VOLCANO ARAMIDShort lengths of rope with sewn terminations for constructing self-locking (Prusik) loops. These ropes have a 50% Aramid construction intermixed with polyester filaments. Prusiks made from classic ropes have a very short life because they glaze in use due to the effect of friction..
Ex Tax:RM184.00
Petzl C45 Protec Rope Protector. Helps protect rope sheath against light abrasion on rough surfaces and edges. This unit comprises of 56cms PVC sleeve with Velcro closure, plus an attachment clip to make it easy to place and remove from the rope. Overall length including attachment clip 75cms. Weigh..
Ex Tax:RM98.00
SET CATERPILLARArticulated protectorThe SET CATERPILLAR articulated protector helps protect a moving rope from abrasion. The number of modules can be adapted to the terrain.DescriptionTo help protect a moving rope from abrasionModules are connected with quick links: the number of modules can be vari..
Ex Tax:RM1,646.00
DescriptionOpen loop sling for setting up anchorsAvailable in four lengths: 60, 80, 120 and 150 cmColor coded for easy identification of lengthAlso available in blackSpecificationsMaterial(s): polyesterBreaking strength: 22 kNCertification(s): CE EN 566, CE EN 795 B, EACReferencesReferences C40A 60 ..
Ex Tax:RM87.00
EXPRESSSewn sling with STRING for use as quickdrawThe ergonomic shape of the EXPRESS webbing offers excellent grip when working a route. The STRING allows the carabiner to be held in position and protects the webbing from wear.Ergonomic shape of the webbing for excellent gripLower end equipped with ..
Ex Tax:RM24.00
STRINGSling protector that holds the carabiner in placeThe STRING serves two functions: it holds the rope end carabiner in place on the rope end of a quickdraw and it protects a relatively large area of the sling against wear.DescriptionAvailable in three sizes:- STRING S for webbing 10 mm wide- STR..
Ex Tax:RM7.80
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