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Telematch / Fun Events

Telematch / Fun Events
Ball - 12pcsBall carry Net - 1pcHand Pump - 1pcsBalls are deflated. Needs to be pump for use...
Ex Tax:RM150.00
Features:Tough polymer constructionDesigned for speed, distance & accuracyTournament standard flying discWeight – 160gDiameter – 10.5″*Available Colours*RedBluePurpleOrange..
Ex Tax:RM15.00
Features:Tough polymer constructionDesigned for speed, distance & accuracyTournament standard flying discWeight – 175gDiameter – 10.5″*Available Colours*RedBluePurpleOrange..
Ex Tax:RM16.00
Air HornCommonly used in noisy areas such as stadium, train station, construction site etc.Set A: Air Horn Set - 450ml CQSet B:  Air Horn Set - New Top 550ml CQSet C: Air Horn Refill - New Top 550ml (No Horn) CQ..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Colourful Diabolo 10 units - PJ0195 MZ..
Ex Tax:RM180.00
Egg + Spoon Race - PJ0310 MZ16 spoon + 16 eggs plastic..
Ex Tax:RM218.00
Buntings are made of thin nylon cloths that are cut perfectly in a triangle shape and is connected by a string.Assorted Flag colours per lenght.Shiny Plain flag design.Ideal for decorations indoors and outdoors.Sold in a set of 10 lenghts.Each Lenght is 20 feet long x 16 flags..
Ex Tax:RM100.00
Foam PU Ball 6cm (48balls) - PJ0038 MZ No need to pump (inflate) ball..
Ex Tax:RM179.00
Foam PU Balls - PJ0206 (12 balls) Dia 10cm..
Ex Tax:RM210.00
PU Balls 15cm (8balls) - PJ0204 MZDiameter 15 cm = 6 inches..
Ex Tax:RM212.00
Foam PU Balls 9 cm (24 balls) - ITSP012Diameter 9 cm = 3.5 inches..
Ex Tax:RM230.00
Foam PU Balls With Container (48balls) - PJ0140 MZDiameter ; 7cm / about 2.8 inches No need to pump ball (inflation)..
Ex Tax:RM191.00
Product DetailsCapcell closed foam constructions and is adjustable to 15” to 25” height. Available in bright colors and is suitable for all ages. Heavier base prevents the hurdle from falling over...
Ex Tax:RM45.00
PU Volleyball 21cm (4balls) - PJ0207 MZDiameter 21 cm = 8.3 inches..
Ex Tax:RM255.00
Foam Ring 20units - PJ0019 MZ..
Ex Tax:RM185.00
Contain 4 pairFor Children use only..
Ex Tax:RM259.00
Pundi Kacang / Bean Bag - (Numbered) ITSP177 10pcs* Colored and Numbered Nylon bag* Weights 1.2kg /set * Size: 12(W) x 11(H) cm..
Ex Tax:RM95.00
Pundi Kacang* No Numbering* Square Shape* Nylon Bag filled with Plastic beads* 4inch x 4 inchItems also offered in shapes and numberingContains 1 bag..
Ex Tax:RM3.50
Rainbow Parachute (1.7M) - MM8035 MZ ..
Ex Tax:RM99.00
Contain 1 unitDiameter 10.0M or 30 feetColourful 30 foot Parachute – This large rainbow-colored play parachute is 30-feet in diameter and is the perfect play equipment to get kids up and moving! It’s a fun toy for school recess or gym class, as well as the beach, park, playground, or backyard.Extra ..
Ex Tax:RM959.00
UGE RAINBOW PENGUIN GAMES ( 4PCS + 1 AIR STICK ) Permainan memukul penguin dengan air stik, kini dapat dimainkan 5 orang.Seorang penyerang dan 4 penguin.Apabila penguin dapat dikesan oleh permusugnya, ia akan dipukul dengan air stik, pada masa itu, penguin hendaklah secepat mungkin duduk mencan..
Ex Tax:RM1,100.00
Rainbow Penguin Games – ITSP187 (4pcs+1air stick)Material : NylonWeight : 1.5kgObject of game:Use air stick to beat the penguins.1 attacker with 4 penguins.Penguins are saved when squatting..
Ex Tax:RM900.00
Tarik TaliMaterial : JuteJute Rope - approximate thread thickness100 Feet Approx : 40mm Diameter120 Feet Approx : 45mm Diameter140 Feet Approx : 50mm Diameter..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
The advantage of a PP rope is the material does not absorb unnecessary moisture, which prevents rotting or shrinking.Excellent tournament quality of PP (polypropene) materialWhite in colourDiameter - Approx 2"..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
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