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Training Equipment

Training Equipment
Excellent for training drills, coaching fitness, speed and agilityOpportunity to create infinite training patternsPerfect for any sportFeatures:Made from good quality hard shell PE plastic materialSold in 1 piece*Available Colours*RedBlueYellowGreen..
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Construction Cone Can be used for field training to help build one's skill, agility and running stamina Made from soft shell PE plastic material Durable and long lastingRed colour onlyHighly visible even from distance with reflector Price is for 1 piece..
Ex Tax:RM40.00
Coaching SkittlesFor marking Boundaries or Zone area..
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Features:Made from good quality soft shell PE plastic materialSold in 1 piece*Available Colours*RedBlueYellowFluorescent YellowFluorescent OrangeFluorescent GreenHow to use:
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Cone Skittles - 9" Numbered (1~9) NTFor marking Boundaries or Zone areaMade of PlasticComes in Various colors..
Ex Tax:RM66.00
Disco Cone SetAgility Equipment.- Soft, durable and flexible plastic.- In a handy stack and comes with carrying rod.- Ideal for throwndown grid patterns.Assorted colours.Comes in sets of 30,40 or 50 pieces.Height: 2"How to use:
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Features:Made from solid cast ironCentre hole diameter of 30.5mm*Available Weights*1.25kg2.5kg5kg10kg..
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Price is for a pair of Dumbells.2kg = (1kg x 2pcs)4kg = (2kg x 2pcs)6kg = (3kg x 2pcs).......and so onProduct DetailsKettle bells have become an integral part of functional training. The variety of training possibilities, the best training characteristics and excellent ergonomic prerequisites (iron ..
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The neoprene dumb bells are great to use during training thanks to the upper surface which is pleasant on the skin - allowing a firm hold even during the most sweat-inducing exercise. The dumb bells are available in a number of weights, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg and 6kg. So that they can be used varia..
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Price is for a piece of BarbellProduct DetailsKettle bells have become an integral part of functional training. The variety of training possibilities, the best training characteristics and excellent ergonomic prerequisites (iron handle for perfect swinging, body: neoprene coating to protect the floo..
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Grip Strentgh TesterDigital MeterAbout this itemEquipped with high precision strain gauge sensor; provides adhesion up to 90 kg/198 lbs, increments: 0.2 lbs/100 GS, unit: lb/kg19 commands users with options for gender and age, along with the ability to store and test results for each userComparable..
Ex Tax:RM142.00
■This rubber tube is perfect for weight-bearing, resistance or strength training excercises■The exercise band is easy to hold handles are made of soft rubber, works the arms, chest and shoulders■The exercise band can be used for doing resistance tube exercises like bicep curl, chest press, shoulder ..
Ex Tax:RM69.00
Elbow Pad - Molten EP300Size: Choose Jr or SrPrice : Per PairEG200 - Flat Elbow GuardEP300 - Curved Elbow GuardAvailable in White Only.Padded at elbow side.Pre shape curved padding.Padded..
Ex Tax:RM29.00
The toning ball is the perfect addition to your exercise program by increasing the training of the arms, shoulders and upper body. The toning balls, available in three different weights, can also be integrated into your Pilates exercises...
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Product DetailsThe adjustable spring grip offers optimal grip and with the various setting options on the spring, the resistance can be adjusted individually. In this way the strengthening of the hand and lower arm muscles can be adapted to the corresponding training levels...
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Features:Strong high tensile steel spring coil resistanceDevelop and tone forearms, wrists and fingersMechanical hand grips designIncrease grip strengthSold in a pair*Available Spring Thicknesses*5.0mm..
Ex Tax:RM15.00
Grays G200 Hand ProtectorThe Grays G200 Hand Protector comes with a high rebound surface while the flat faced right hand design gives goalkeepers more flexibility on the wrist...
Ex Tax:RM750.00
Heart Rate Watch - Motion Pro• The featured watch works like a portable 2.4GHz heart-rate monitor that measures your heart rate continuously• The smart, fashionable design offers distinction and individuality• Excellent workmanship• Heart rate zone alert• Measures maximum, average and minimums• Curr..
Ex Tax:RM180.00
Heart Rate MonitorFunction:-Wireless pulse measuring with Transmitter Belt-Display heart rate value & heart rate percent with different pulse field indication (green, blue & red)-Chronometer-2 row display for split time measurement in 1/100 second-Store and recall upto 10 split times-Memory ..
Ex Tax:RM320.00
Actual Product may differ from PictureWe reserve the right to replace any items out of stock with higher priced items...
Ex Tax:RM1,900.00
Pylo HurdlesAdjustable (9"~ 36")Cross bar - WoodStand - MetalAlso available with fiberglass cross bar, pls call for quotes.How to use:
Ex Tax:RM123.00
Features:Scissor type hurdleMade of round steel tubular pipeHurdle adjustable Height range - 9″ to 36″..
Ex Tax:RM160.00
Coaching Kits Indoor UseSlalom Pole 25mm 12pcsDome 6pcsClip 10pcsBag 1 pcHow to use:
Ex Tax:RM290.00
Coaching Kits Outdoor UseSlalom Pole 32mm 12pcsClip 10pcsBag 1 pcHow to use:
Ex Tax:RM275.00
Contents:Pylo Scissor Hurdles Set of 10 in Heavy Duty Bag..
Ex Tax:RM565.00
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