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Goalie Equipment

Goalie Equipment
Grays G100 Chest ProtectorThe Grays G100 Chest Protector is designed for entry level goalkeepers (11-14 years), It comes with a improved foam protection around the chest area and also comes witha an elastic fastening system which allows easy fitting..
Ex Tax:RM150.00
Grays G100 Goalkeeper PantsThe Grays G100 Padded Shorts is designed especially for young keepers. The Grays 100 range offers good protection, allows good mobility and is easy to put on...
Ex Tax:RM290.00
Grays G200 Goalkeeper PantsThe Grays G200 Goalie Shorts gives goalkeepers full protections all over, particularly the inner thigh are which is carefully designed to ensure that it provides high comfort and support...
Ex Tax:RM300.00
Grays Abdominal Guard*Protect the vital! The Grays Standard Abdominal Guard provides essential protection and is compulsory during batting, wicket keeping or when fielding close to the bat*Made from high impact plastic shell*PVC bound edges gives support and comfort*Padded Edges*Can be used with joc..
Ex Tax:RM19.00
Grays G500 Abdominal Guard WomenFEATURES-Comfortable PVC covered abdominal guard-Elasticated waist-Top level goalkeeper protection..
Ex Tax:RM60.00
Grays G400 Chest Protector FEATURES Redesigned foam chest protector    Improved specification on upper chest area Elasticated fastening Top level Goalkeeper protection Made in England..
Ex Tax:RM390.00
Contents: Cobra All Foam Chest Protector 1pcMade of Rubber Foam...
Ex Tax:RM125.00
Features:The multi-section design maximises mobility and comfort.Combination Layered foam provides a balance of comfort and protection.redesigning the neck and shoulder region to improve fitWide, all-around securing straps for a cosy, tight fitBlack-Orange..
Ex Tax:RM660.00
Grays G500 Elbow GuardFEATURES-Deep cut foam section to locate elbow bone-2" wide elasticated straps prevent pad slipping-Top level goalkeeper protection..
Ex Tax:RM250.00
Grays International Pro Glove - Black/Neon - RHUpdated version of the classic hockey gloves, the new Grays International Pro Hockey GloveFull-finger glove with lycra construction and superior fitErgonomically designed foam construction gives excellent flexibilityElasticated towel wrist gives so..
Ex Tax:RM99.00
Grays Pro 5X Hockey Glove - PairThe Grays Pro 5X Gloves are suitable for both indoor and field hockey. Unique design incorporating 360 degree wrist padding. High density foam padding with armour plate inserts. Climagrip palm design for all-weather grip and breathability. Sold as a pair...
Ex Tax:RM245.00
The TK C3 full finger hockey glove provides flexible multi-section full finger and thumb protection. It features a chamois palm with mesh inserts for excellent grip and feel. Cushioning on the rear of the hand provides added comfort and protection. The glove also features a neoprene cuff and a rubbe..
Ex Tax:RM90.00
Hockey Abdominal Guard - TK GX2 Ladies Choose Size below..
Ex Tax:RM70.00
Hockey Goalie Abdominal Guard - TK1.2 NT..
Ex Tax:RM105.00
Hockey Goalie Arm Guard - Grays G200 KQThe Grays G200 Shoulder & Arm Guard provides optimal protection on the back all the way around the arm area, which is perfect for entry level goalkeepers.Choose Medium or Large Size..
Ex Tax:RM250.00
Brand: TK Product: TK1.2 Arm&Elbow Guard Mfg: Germany Size: M,L..
Ex Tax:RM425.00
Grays G700 Body ArmourThe Grays G700 Body Armour is a specially designed all in one body & arm protector. It comes with an extra thick padding for the heart zone and a specially designed protection for the forearm area...
Ex Tax:RM690.00
Grays Protective Face MaskThe Grays Hockey face mask is intended for use at penalty corners, to minimise the danger of hockey ball impact to the vulnerable face. Not intended for full game wear.*For use during short corners*High impact resistant polycarbonate shell *Dual Density foam padding *Adjust..
Ex Tax:RM229.00
TK Hockey Goalie TK4.0 Hand Protector Size M/L..
Ex Tax:RM420.00
TK Hockey Goalie TK 3 Hand Protector Size M/L..
Ex Tax:RM700.00
KC Goalie- Adjustable Helmet For Senior and Junior also..
Ex Tax:RM170.00
Trident Gatekeeper Goalie HelmetThe Gatekeeper series is a mid-range, high impact ABS Shell Field Hockey Helmet. No compromises have been made on our helmets, offering only the essentials, and the best quality possible at the desired price point...
Ex Tax:RM250.00
Trident Gatekeeper Pro Goalie HelmetTrident Gatekeeper Goalie Helmets. The Gatekeeper series is a mid range, Fibreglass field hockey goalie helmet. Fibreglass offers additional weight and sturdiness to the helmet, and disperses impact much better than an ABS helmet. No compromises have been mad..
Ex Tax:RM350.00
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