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Team Sets

Team Sets
Bat&Cricket Ball EVA 4Sets - PJ0275 MZ4sets - 4 Bats + 4 balls..
Ex Tax:RM160.00
Each set contains:-3 unit cricket bat3 unit cricket stump3 unit cricket balls..
Ex Tax:RM179.00
Gray Nicolls Plastic Stumps with Rubber Base - 28" (Set of 3)The new Rubber Stumps from Gray-Nicolls will be a must-have item for cricket clubs around the world looking to up the quality of their practice.Standing at 28 inches, the Rubber stumps are full size, as you would play within adult cricket...
Ex Tax:RM150.00
* Slazenger Batting Legguard* GM batting Glove* Stanford inner gloveKG Wicket Legguard*Kookaburra wicket Glove* Harimaya Batting Helmet* Harimaya Wicket Helmet* Stanford Thigh Pad*Harimaya cricket Bat Bullet SH* Harimaya Stump and Bail*Flash Cricket BallHarimaya Polysoft ball*Harimaya County Crown* ..
Ex Tax:RM1,700.00
* Slazenger Batting Legguard* GM Batting Glove* KG Wicket Legguard* Kookaburra Wicket Glove* Harimaya Batting Helmet*Harimaya Wicket HelmetHarimaya bat Bulet* Harimaya County Crown White Ball* TMAbdo guard* Equipment bag +Wheels..
Ex Tax:RM1,350.00
* GM Batting Guard 202* GM Batting Glove* KG Wicket legguard*Kookaburra Wicket Glove*Stanford Shield Thigh pad*Harimaya batting Helmet* Harimaya Wicket helmet*Harimaya Stump and bail*Harimaya Cricket Ball Polysoft*Kookaburra Abdo Guard* GM equipment bag..
Ex Tax:RM1,800.00
* GM Batting Legguard *GM Batting Glove* KG Wicket legguard* Kookaburra Wicket Glove* Harimaya Batting Helmet* Harimaya Wicket Helmet* Slazenger cricket bat V1000* Kookaburra Abdo guard*GM Bag +wheels..
Ex Tax:RM1,350.00
Get started in cricket with this Slazenger V1000 Cricket Set, or just use it whilst on the go for friendly competition. The set includes a full sized wooden bat with sticker decals and a gripped handle, four wooden stumps and a wooden bail, as well as two soft felt covered balls for safe use in any ..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
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