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Training Equipment

Training Equipment
New style high conesAlso known as Round Bottom Hat coneMade of robust plastic offering strength and flexibilityBright colours for high visibilityLight and portableComes in set of 10 in a carry bagWeight: 3.25kg set (approx)..
Ex Tax:RM110.00
Agility Cone - KCMade of robust plasticBright colours for high visibilityLight and portableComes in set of 10Each set comes in a combination of 5 coloursWeight: 3.25kg set (approx)Colour available: Red, Orange, Neon Green, Blue & yellow..
Ex Tax:RM110.00
High Density plastic slats suitable for configuration and various angle for footworkSet consist of 20 slats..
Ex Tax:RM198.00
*These throw-down style Agility Dots come in a set of 12*Perfect for plyometric, speed and agility training workouts*Feature non-slip, rubberized coating to minimise risk of injury due to slipping *8" in diameter..
Ex Tax:RM150.00
Sprint Belt is used by Olympic speed skaters to strengthen abductors and adductors. It is well suited for speed skating, baseball and tennis training. Safety Cord Sprint Belt assist athletes with workouts and drills designed to increase agility and strength.Sprint Belt Kit includes:- 6 feet Modular ..
Ex Tax:RM160.00
Features:Tough polymer constructionDesigned for speed, distance & accuracyTournament standard flying discWeight – 175gDiameter – 10.5″*Available Colours*RedBluePurpleOrange..
Ex Tax:RM16.00
Comes with Bag4.5M - 10 Rungs6M - 15 Rungs9M - 21 RungsProduct DetailsImprove acceleration, lateral speed and change of directionImprove quickness through accelerated foot strike and lift frequencyDevelop the core skills necessary to enhance balance, rhythm and body controlIncludes carry bag for eas..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Product DetailsAnkle/ Wrist weights provide continued muscle stimulation and are an optimal supplement to your training. Whether for toning or even during running, these additional weights are a gentle way of bringing out your personal bestPrice is for a pair.Made from Nylon Cloth. Weight indicated ..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Ankle WeightIdeal for Aerobic and Toning ExerciseStrengthens Muscle and Burn CaloriesPrice is for a pair.Ankle/Wrist Weight 1.0kg means 0.5kg per piece. 1 pair = 1.0KgHow to use:
Ex Tax:RM0.00
The balance step is a board with half a gym ball dome on one side.It allows you to perform a range of core muscle and balance exercises.with 59cm wide solid base and 26cm high dome,its strong enough to support up to 120kg.Product Details:Engages Core MusclesHelps Improve Strength & BalanceMaximi..
Ex Tax:RM375.00
Product DetailsThe Solid Barbell bar is designed for maximum concentration of the biceps muscle without the discomfort to your elbows, wrists or forearms.- Guide shafts - 30mm in diameter- Standard size 5ft / 6ft- Safety locks- Forged steel constructionBenefits:The Solid Barbell Bar is better than a..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Price is for a piece of BarbellProduct DetailsKettle bells have become an integral part of functional training. The variety of training possibilities, the best training characteristics and excellent ergonomic prerequisites (iron handle for perfect swinging, body: neoprene coating to protect the floo..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Product DetailsFive Tier barbell RackSteelRubber covered stand prevents damege to flooring.Dimension : 84 x 54 x 123cm..
Ex Tax:RM1,990.00
Product Details Model: XF3860 Max user weight: 80kg Both cushions offer various adjustments and are ergonomically shaped_ Foldable bench helps to save space Helps in training abdominal area and upper body with dumbbells_..
Ex Tax:RM380.00
Product DescriptionTargeted muscle development and improvement of strength endurance. These Power Products are readily available and emphasise safety, which is incredibly important for strength training.Door Width Requirement - 64~96cmLoad weight maximum 100 kg..
Ex Tax:RM79.00
Chinning bar consist of 1.00m (L) round hard bar with metal frame...
Ex Tax:RM490.00
Coaching SkittlesExcellent for training drills, coaching fitness, speed and agility Opportunity to create infinite training patterns_x000D_ Made from robust plastic Bright colours for high visibilitFeaturing holes / perforated for rod insertionHow to use:
Ex Tax:RM0.01
Construction Cone Can be used for field training to help build one's skill, agility and running stamina Made from soft shell PE plastic material Durable and long lastingRed colour onlyHighly visible even from distance with reflector Price is for 1 piece..
Ex Tax:RM38.00
Excellent for training drills, coaching fitness, speed and agilityOpportunity to create infinite training patternsPerfect for any sportMade from robust plasticBright colours for high visibilityPrice is for 1 piece24inch comes in Red color only..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Cone Skittles - 9" Numbered (1~9) NTFor marking Boundaries or Zone areaMade of PlasticComes in Various colors..
Ex Tax:RM66.00
Coaching SkittlesFor marking Boundaries or Zone areaHow to use:
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Disco Cone SetAgility Equipment.- Soft, durable and flexible plastic.- In a handy stack and comes with carrying rod.- Ideal for throwndown grid patterns.Assorted colours.Comes in sets of 20,30,40 or 50 pieces.Height: 2.5"How to use:
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Disc Cones / Marker Cones - 6 inch (H) CQ Disc Cones / Marker Cones - 6 inch (H) CQ
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Disco Cone SetAgility Equipment.- Soft, durable and flexible plastic.- In a handy stack and comes with carrying rod.- Ideal for throwndown grid patterns.Features:Made from good quality soft shell PE plastic materialComes with a carry rod & bag for ease of storage*Available Sets*Assorted colours...
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Comes with Wheels.Made of steel.Multifunction uses also as workout station...
Ex Tax:RM240.00
Contents: 2 pcs bar4pcs nutWeight plate: 0.5kg x 4 pcs1.25kg x 4pcs2.5kg x 4pcs..
Ex Tax:RM460.00
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