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Fox 40 Eco-Blast Air Horn with PumpLooking for a refillable Air Horn in Malaysia? The Fox 40 Eco-Blast Air Horn includes a mini hand pump so refilling is quick and convenientRefill the Eco-Blast with any bicycle pump, air compressor, or at any petrol stationEnvironmentally friendly - 100% ozone safe..
Ex Tax:RM264.00
Personalization Service Available.Please email us your requirement and we will quote you immediately.1) Submit a Drawing of your requirement, Product Name, Quantity and Required Date2) We will calculate price based on number of color requirement, block artwork, double size logo.3) We ..
Ex Tax:RM1.60
Ball Carry Net - Molten DB100Fits 10 balls of Size 4Fits 8 balls of Size 5* Material Nylon* Colour available: Blue, Red..
Ex Tax:RM63.00
Ball Carry Net - Molten DB200Fits 14 balls of Size 4Fits 12 balls of Size 5* Material Nylon* Colour available: Blue, Red, Yellow...
Ex Tax:RM69.00
Trident Ball Pressure Gauge_x000D_ _x000D_ Gauge with indicator for Rugby Ball, Football, Volleyball, Basketball & Handball_x000D_ Pressure Gauge Ball - Trident KC_x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_..
Ex Tax:RM29.00
Accurate digital readings in different formats: get your ball pressure in kPa, psi or bar...
Ex Tax:RM170.00
Captain Arm Band - Senior / Junior (1 pc) CQ Velcro attachment Price is for 1 piece..
Ex Tax:RM8.00
Captain Arm Band - Senior (1 pc) NT_ Price is for 1 pieceWith Velcro..
Ex Tax:RM8.00
Carrier Water BottleCarries 12 bottles (included)Price is for 12 bottles +trayBottles comes in Orange or Green ColourNot Foldable..
Ex Tax:RM80.00
Carrier Water Bottle - PlasticCarries 6,8, or 10 bottles (Not included)Foldable for easy storage.Comes in Blue or Black ColorChoose size required..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Crystal Trophy Football - CRT80012Price include Crystal Trophy + Printing (x1)CRT80012 A      180mm(H) x 120mm(W)CRT80012 B      170mm(H) x 120mm(W)CRT80012 C      160mm(H) x 120mm(W) ..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Crystal Trophy - CRT901Price include Crystal Trophy + Printing (x1)CRT901 A    155mm(H) x 80mm(W)CRT901 B    145mm(H) x 80mm(W)CRT901 C    135mm(H) x 80mm(W)..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Crystal Trophy Football - CRT911Price include Crystal Trophy + Printing (x1)..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Price include Crystal Trophy + Printing (x2)CRT921 A   317mm(H) x 90mm(W)CRT921 B   302mm(H) x 90mm(W)CRT921 C   292mm(H) x 90mm(W)..
Ex Tax:RM0.00
Tuned for open air stadiums with large and loud audiencesClear-cut high pitched tone that that carries over long distancesUnique Flip Grip mechanism allows referees to instantly access whistle, even while runningIdeal for elite football and soccer matches..
Ex Tax:RM280.00
Ankle Guard - Molten AG202Helps in preventing / reducing ankle injuryMaterial Stretchable ClothColor: White,GreySize: Choose S/M/LPrice : Per Pair..
Ex Tax:RM17.50
Guard Elbow - Molten EG200EG200 - Flat Elbow GuardEP300 - Curved Elbow GuardSize: Choose Junior/SeniorPrice : Per Pair..
Ex Tax:RM17.00
Knee Guard - Molten KG102Color White or GreyChoose Size: S/M/LPrice : Per Pair..
Ex Tax:RM17.50
Knee Guard - Molten KG103Used to prevent injury to knee.Color Light Grey (KG102) or Dark Grey (KG103)Choose Size: S/M/LPrice : Per PairMaterial Stretchable Cloth..
Ex Tax:RM20.00
Knee Pad - Molten KC10Color : BlackSpandex materialSeniorThickness Foam Padding: Estimated upto 4cm...
Ex Tax:RM55.00
Price is for a PairSize available: Junior or Senior (above 60 Kg)This Knee guard is mainly used for people whom is required to kneel during their exercise workout or to carry out their job. It will help protect user from undue impact. Ex. Yoga exercise, Tilling jobs, Praying...etc*Thickness Foam Pad..
Ex Tax:RM40.00
Price : Per PairJunior or SeniorThickness Foam Padding: Upto 2.5cm* Curved Padding ensures a more comfortable fit to your knee.* Good quality, long lasting material...
Ex Tax:RM34.00
Guard Knee Pad - Molten KC35Choose Size: Junior or SeniorPrice : Per PairThickness Foam Padding: Upto 3.5cm..
Ex Tax:RM30.00
Guard Knee Patella Open - IMing WSSize:Price : Per Piece..
Ex Tax:RM72.00
Guard Tennis Elbow - IM WSSize: Adjustable Free SizePrice : Per Piece..
Ex Tax:RM37.00
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